Monthly Archives: December 2013

I found this spectacular spot right off I-40 in North Carolina. I thought it was fantastic.



Three words that mean so much.  We all need to remember just how amazing our world is, and the best way to do that, to keep being inspired, to keep ourselves in awe of nature and all she has to offer is to follow these three words:  never stop exploring!


This is another one of my favorite shots from hiking Canyonlands in Moab, Utah. I especially love how the shadows casted on my friends during midday.


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Yesterday I was looking through the pictures I took while visiting my good friends Nic and Gabi on our trip to Moab, Utah. I was going through some pictures I took of the sunset that first day and found this gem of my two friends. I love this photo.

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A buddy of mine from work was talking about a conference we went to in San Francisco a few months back but all I could remember was this gorgeous day on the bay